How To Talk To A Real Person At AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Tmobile.


If you are irritated with endless automated tech support menus then you do not have to worry anymore, we are here to help you with live tech-support rep at Big Four carriers with minimal amount of time and unnecessary fuss.

We as humans tend to be more inclined towards human connection when it comes to solving our problems. Any person would find talking to a live person better than listening to a soulless robot reciting a menu of telephone options.

Here is how you can talk to a real person at VERIZON :

1. Make a call to Verizon’s customer service number.

2. When the automated system voice begins, press zero on your dialpad.

3. Now, the automated system will ask you to choose among options on why you called. Here, press zero again.

4.  After following the above steps, the system will connect you to an operator but before that you will be asked to enter your PID number.

5.  After entering that, press #.

This will enable you to talk to a live person at Verizon without listening to the endless amount of automated voice that comes with all the customer service calls that you make. It is important to note that every user may experience a different amount of waiting time, the above method is just a way to boost up the process.

 Here is how you can talk to a real person at AT&T :

1. First of all, make a call to the AT&T customer care number.

2. As soon as the automated voice system alerts you that your call may be recorded, press zero.

3. Then, you will be asked if you are calling from the mobile number which is linked with your account. Here, press zero again.

4.  After that, the automated system will ask you regarding the service that you have called for. Press zero.

5. This will connect you to a human operator.

Here’s how to talk to a real person at Sprint :

1. First and foremost , make a call to the sprint customer service number. After that, Sprint automated voice takes you through a sales pitch and no matter how many times you press zero, it won’t skip and you will have to sit through it.

2. After it is finished, you will be asked to select your language preferences.

3. After that, the automated system will recite menu items. You can skip it all by simply pressing 5.

4. Now , press 2 for customer support.

5. After that, Sprint will ask you for the phone number which is linked to your account which is a way of guaranteeing that you are a genuine subscriber.

Here is how to talk to a real person at T-Mobile :

1. Call T-Mobile’s customer service.

2. Now, the automated system will ask you for your language preferences. Choose that.

3. When the automated system starts asking you questions, just say "I don't have one." (One what? I don't know, either. I'm just trying to get you to be a human operator.)

4. This will make the automated system start talking again.

Now, press zero and you will be connected to a real person at T-Mobile.