How To Connect To Canon Printer Support Team?

Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation founded in the year 1937, headquarters of Canon is situated in Ota,Tokyo,Japan. The company is a renowned name worldwide in the electronics industry. In 1976, Canon launched the AE-1, the world’s first camera with an embedded mirco-computer revolutionizing the entire camera industry.

Canon printers are currently regarded as the industry leaders excelling in both classes i.e inkjet printers and laserjet printers.


Why contact Canon printer support ?

Canon is a world class company providing excellent printers and what makes them amazing is the customer satisfaction they offer. Canon support team is always in the frontline to provide assistance to their users . Now let's have a look at some of the reasons to contact Canon support team

  • Having trouble setting your canon printer.
  • Unable to connect your Canon wifi printer to your device
  • Cartridge error
  • Technical glitches
  • Hardware issues
  • Faulty prints
  • Display of error codes

The above points highlight some of the issues as why you might need to contact the Canon printer support team

How To Contact The Canon Printer Support Team ?

1) Call - Getting your issues resolved over the call is the most soothing and easy method. To get yourself on call with the support team at canon printer you’ll simply have to dial “1-800-828-4040 If you find that you have been on hold for a long period of time you can simply opt for the call me back feature through which the customer support executive would give you a call back as soon as they get free. Alternatively you can try contact canon printer through “1-844-462-9439”

2) Social media- You can contact the customer support team at canon through their different social media handles, these are-

  • Facebook- You can inbox your queries to an efficient support team of canon printers via their facebook page. Link to their page is -
  • Twitter- You can simply address your concern through twitter by tagging the official page of Canon page/ handle-
  • Youtube- Canon has a youtube page which uploads videos on a regular basis. You can enjoy the content and get to know more about your printer through their videos. Link for their official youtube page is-

3) Email- You can also write down your query as a mail and send it to the canon printer support team, for this you have to open the support page, choose printer category and look for the option that says “Email support”. The important part of contacting over email is that you can provide attachments such as a screenshot or pictures to assist the team to understand your issue and they can provide a timely solution for the same. Link to their support page is

4) Support page- The support page at canon has a plethora of information regarding all the products of Canon company. You can simply open the support page and select the printer category, provide the model name and find relevant information about the product or you can simply search the product from the search option provided on the page itself. Link to canon’s support page is

5) FAQ page- The frequently asked question page can be a huge help in providing a solution to your problem, through this page you can find a variety of questions that are answered by the experts which might be targeting the same problem as yours. Link to the page is

The above ways can help you resolve your problems by contacting the customer support team at Canon printers