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How To Contact Comcast Xfinity Support?

Xfinity is an American telecommunications company owned by Comcast. Xfinity as a brand was introduced in 2010, prior to which all the services which today are conducted by Xfinity like cable television, wifi, internet, telephone were marketed under Comcast name.

Reasons To Contact Comcast Xfinity Customer Service?

Xfinity is a renowned brand in America providing a number of services to their users, when a company as big as Xfinity operates it is quite obvious for users to have a number of doubts.These doubts and certain issues faced by the users are the exact reason for users to contact the customer support at Xfinity. Some of the reasons to contact Xfinity customer support team are-

  • What are the monthly subscription plans?
  • Unable to see your device on Xfinity wifi
  • What is Xfinity mobile ?
  • What is Xfinity Flex?
  • What to expect from Xfinity services?
  • Is my area covered by Xfinity?

How To Contact Xfinity Customer Support?

If you wish to contact the support team at Xfinity kindly follow along, here are some of the ways -

1) Call -The importance of verbal communication to connect to a support staff to address your issues is extremely high. To contact the Xfinity customer support team you can simply call (800) 934-6489. Customer Service Hours: Monday - Saturday, 7 a.m.-9 p.m. Incase you are wondering to contact the Xfinity support tema regarding purchasing of new product you can reach them at (844) 451-2720

2) Social media- social media is the new communication medium, taking note of this almost every prominent company has created accounts for providing assistance through social media platforms. Ways of reaching Xfinity Customer support are-

Twitter -

Facebook -

Reddit -

3) Forums- forums are a very efficient way to find solutions to your problems, through this medium the support team have already answered the most frequently asked questions . link to Xfinity forums is -

4) Live chat- live chat facility is also a great medium to get in touch with the support team at Xfinity. You can reach Xfinity live chat through this support page link - once you open this link, please select the “chat with infinity”

The above mentioned can help you to get in touch with the support team at Xfinity.