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We at Hewlett-Packard (hp) take pride in being one of the global leaders when it comes to software and computer services. We have a deep rooted quality for providing customer satisfaction, it could be anything from setting up a printer to installation of a software. Our team of experts are here to provide any information needed. We consider it our topmost priority to build products that are very resourceful as well as convenient to comprehend, but if we are somehow failing to do so, we are here to provide you with any help you need with our 24*7 phone number helpline.

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We are here to support you and find a solution to your concerned problems. You can avail this service by contacting our customer care executive who will be all ears to your concerned problem and help your way through it.

You can reach out to our customer service executives on the phone number 203-904-2963, and we will try our best to solve the problem at hand at the earliest.



All HP printing devices are crafted to work impeccably with all the versions of windows operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11 etc. If you possess a Windows PC or Laptop, you can conveniently set up the HP printing app and enjoy the immaculate experience that it is crafted to provide.

2. MAC

If you are a MAC user, you can sit back and take advantage of our printing app which is pre installed on the MacBook. All you have to do is to login with your account, set up the printer and enjoy a flawless printing experience.


Connecting the printer to your smartphone is made very convenient. It is as simple as installing the HP print services app which is available both on Play store for an android device and App Store for an apple device, setting up your account and enjoying the HP printing services with a few clicks.



At HP we try our best to provide our customers with all the services that are printing and scanning. If you happen to face any problem regarding these features and functions , we are here to guide you through solving them. We understand that it is not always feasible to quote out the queries on the website. We highly value our customers’s time and hence we have come up with a customer care helpline to support your queries and problems and solve them as soon as possible. You can contact 204-903-9877 directly and speak to one of our customer care executives regarding HP PC, printer, scanner and tablet related issues. All our executives are well acquainted with all the devices and the troubleshooting solutions associated with them. An HP printer hardly shows any deviation from all the functions and attributes mentioned in the manual, hence we suggest you to go through the manual to find the solution.


1. uaHP DESKJET 5275

Hp deskjet 5275 is a wifi enabled color printer which provides best in class cost effective prints. This printer is equipped with quality features which at times makes the customer get puzzled ! If you require any information or assistance with our HP DESKJET 5275 printer feel free to connect our support team.


HP OFFICEJET PRO 8026 is an all in one office oriented printer with a touch panel. This is a state of the art one of a kind printer. This printer is known as the pioneer of its segment with countless functionality . For complete information and working of our Hp Officejet pro 8026 kindly contact our team of experts which would be more than happy to assist you.


Hp Laserjet M1130 is a printer that works on the concept of laser printing which makes it faster than an inkjet printer and furthermore it has a larger paper stacking tray thus making it possible to print more prints. If you want to know how and why HP LASERJET M1130 might just be the right printer for you, our customer assistance team can be of great help.

4. Hp Oj PRO 8732M

Our second most widely used printer for office purposes is Hp Oj PRO 8732M. It dominates our hp Officejet pro 8026 when it comes to compactness and being budget friendly. If you are looking for an office printer and are not sure on which you should spend your hard earned money then our support team would be more than happy to help you.

5. Hp oj pro 8712

Hp oj pro 8712 is an all in one office purpose printer with amazing scanning capabilities, this printer has additional scanning properties for window users. This printer is known for its clear printing ability like no other printer. If you want to know how this printer can be the next gadget for your office kindly contact our support team


HP printers can be used for performing multiple tasks including printing hard copies of materials which come in both black/white and coloured formats. Our printers have an enormous amount of utility range, they can be used in offices, homework, commercial spaces etc. In case any of the functions of the printer is compromised, you can directly contact our customer care helpline and speak to our executive regarding their queries. This is a great option to resolve the problems in the HP printer and provides a conventional remedy to resolve the respective issues.

Our wide range of inkjet and laser printers can be conveniently operated using both wireless and wired methods. Our services have gained high prominence under the categories of affordable and reliable. There are certain features in our printers which are unique to our brand and are not available with other print brands in the same price range.

As per our description manual , HP printer is equipped with flawless print quality and a number of unique features which are enlisted there. With a wide range of printers, we provide different levels of complexities and enhancements as well. Some printers are very convenient to use while some of them are equipped with certain complexities to enhance the performance and provide a wide variety of functions at the same time. Some of the printer complexities are listed below:

  • Toner issue: there might be a toner issue in the printer if the model is not corresponding to the type of printer used.
  • Spooler issues: user might face spooler issues at the time of printing.
  • Printing issues: HP printer might not print a certain output colour.
  • Cartridge issues : Some users might encounter a cartridge issue or a display issue.
  • Compatibility issues : there might be issues with the printer and device compatibility.
  • Update issues: you might be unable to update the driver in the printer.
  • System compatibility: the printer might not be able to work with Windows or MAC specifically.
  • Installation issue: some users might encounter an installation issue in the printer.
  • Connectivity issues: some printers might not connect properly to the device using cables and hence might display connectivity issues.
  • Printing glitches: the image or document in the printer might be a little distorted indicating a printer glitch.