How To Connect To The Support Staff At Kaspersky?


Started in 1997, Kaspersky is now one of the largest companies when it comes to the anti-virus and anti-malware industry. Kaspersky is a Russian multinational cyber security and antivirus provider which serves people around the globe. Products developed by Kaspersky include- antivirus, internet security, password management, endpoint security, and other cyber security products and services.

Why Contact Kaspersky Support ?

As mentioned above,Kaspersky provides cyber security products and services which in this time of digitalization is a prime requirement. It might be possible that you might require additional details regarding the product or how to access full functionality of the service provided. Some of the reasons to contact Kaspersky customer care are-

  • How to download and install a Kaspersky application?
  • How to reset password?
  • Why is my Anti-virus database not updating?
  • How do I know if my device is infected?

These are some of the basic queries to which you might need a solution to.


How To Contact Customer Service?

If you are wondering how to contact the customer support at Kaspersky,kindly follow the steps mentioned below-

1) Call - You can contact the customer service at Kaspersky by simply calling at “1-866-328-5700”, you can use this number 24/7 any day of the week. As Kaspersky works in the cyber security industry it is advised to reach out the customer as early as possible therefore it is advised to use this medium for quick solutions.

2) Email- Incase you want to contact the customer security via mail,then use your mail service provider and send your mail at - . Through this option you can ask any possible question you might have regarding the product or any mishappening in the usability of the product.

3) Live chat - Kaspersky provides the option of live chat . It is quite possible that you might want to get assistance from the support team but can’t find the space or time to make a call. In such scenarios you can make use of the live chat service. Link - .

It is noted that many times it is not possible to get on call due to high number of call traffic or high call hold time, by doing live chat the user can find a solution promptly.

4) Social Media- Every company especially the ones with huge customer base have made it mandatory mostly to have good social media handles. Kaspersky also understands the importance of such platforms. You can follow social media accounts of Kaspersky to stay updated on cyber-security and message your concern to the company .

Social media accounts of Kaspersky are as following -

● Facebook -

● Twitter -

5) Contact page - Kaspersky has a devoted contact page through which an user can access all the information about the company. This page provides all the information regarding

  • purchasing and activating
  • technical support for home users, small business , medium business or an enterprise.
  • Headquarter location
  • More contact details.

These above methods are all you need to contact the Kaspersky support team.