What Are The Ways To Contact Mcafee Customer Support?


McAfee, a private company founded in the year 1987 as Mcafee Associates Inc. one of the most renowned members of the computer software industry. The company operates globally and is known for providing exceptionally well built computer security products as well as great customer service.

Why Contact Mcafee customer support?

Computer security as of late is a very big industry in which Mcafee has its own class. Security related products can be hard to understand and operate which more appropriately demands an all inclusive customer support team which the support staff at Mcafee promises to deliver. The lengths of questions that can be present in any existing or new customer is varied, Some of these are -

  • What is mcafee ?
  • What is computer security, do I need it?
  • Why am I denied access to certain sites?
  • How to operate Vpn ?
  • Subscription modes
  • How to cancel a subscription?

How To Contact Mcafee Customer Support ?

Mcafee understands the importance of making customers happy and therefore offers a variety of options to provide you support. Methods of contacting mcafee Customer Services are-

1) Call -Phone call assistance is the most prominent way of communicating to the support staff. Conversations over phone helps the customer to better deliver the problem faced on the other hand also helps the support staff to provide guidance for the issue concerned. Phone number to dial “1-866-622-3911” the support team can be reached 24*7

2) Support Page- Mcafee provides an exceptional support page,this page has the potential to solve all your queries related to the company. The page can be viewed by opening this link - “https://www.mcafee.com/support/” , through this page you can get assistance through Mcafee’s customer service which has plethora of information which includes basic knowledge about the services provided and the platforms on which you can use mcafee software. The page provides an virtual assistant option which at times is quite promising method of getting your problem resolved,other important part of the page includes a support community page link which provides resolving solution to varied questions by the customers of mcafee and efficient support team, the page also provides a contact customer support link which shows various methods of getting in touch with the support team at Mcafee.

3) Social Media - The reach and potential of the social media environment are well known, understanding this mcafee has very promising social media handles where you can get in touch with the support team moreover you can be updated with the latest feature or additions to the services provided . Various social media handles are as following-

Twitter- https://twitter.com/McAfee_Help

Through any of the above mentioned methods one can easily communicate with the support team at Mcafee and get their query resolved.