Norton Antivirus Support Team

The Internet is the core of every possible activity conducted be it on a personal level, business level or industry level, such a wide parameter influences malpractices. These malpractices when concerned with the internet can affect the usability and credibility of the users.To eradicate the happening of such casualty antiviruses & internet security softwares were created.Much like the medical term which helps the patient to fight off diseases, antivirus when related to computers and related devices refers to a software that protects the computer from getting infected. Whereas Internet security as the name suggests provides security when connected to the internet.

Norton is a very renowned name when it comes to the security software industry, Founded by peter norton, the company earlier didn’t provide antivirus features but it was in the year 1990 when Symantec acquired Norton. Norton is a global brand with its product line including - data protection,database security,email-web security and others.


How To Contact Norton customer service


Contacting the customer service is at times a high priority task,with the help of the customer service the user can easily tackle issues be it minor or major which obviously enhances the usability and experience of the user. There could be many reasons to contact the customer service as-

  • Downloading & installing
  • Setting up your norton account
  • Subscription prices
  • Cancel & renew account
  • Managing account

These are some of the few frequently asked questions. Now let's have a look at the different ways you can contact the customer service at Norton.


contacting the customer service via a phone call is the most convenient and time friendly manner to resolve your problem. Norton has dedicated departmental customer service number which we’ll explain in the next point, “ 1-855-966-7866” is the general service helpline number which can be contacted 24*7.

Customer support page

This is the direct link to customer support page which has a number of option presented like a form - - - click on this link and provide the prompted details and select the category of the problem faced and provide a description for the same and possible solution would be provided at the next window and if you are unsatisfied with the solution you can tap on the “No. I still need help from an agent” and click” Get Phone Number”. The website would provide a phone number . The number provided is available 24*7.


Chatting is also a way through which you can get your query resolved. The link to reach the chat team is - click on the above link, select the category of your problem , provide a description regarding the problem and hit “No i still need help” provide the prompted details, click on “save and continue button”now select the “chat now” option to begin live chat.

Social media account

All big companies now have social media handles to which you can simply address your problem by tagging them in the post.

Twitter account

The link to reach out the twitter account for Norton is - or you can simply tweet your problem and @Nortonsuport to address your tweet to them.

Facebook account is the link to Norton’s facebook account and you can simply chat to the customer service team.


you can reach Norton’s forum community through this link - here you can post your issue and get response from fellow users and customer support staff as well.

The above mentioned ways can help you in contacting the customer service through different means.