How To Connect To Square App Support Team?

Square is a payment system by Block Inc.(formerly known as Square Inc.) Square is devoted to its customers so that they can get money for the products and services provided by them. In earlier days Square Device was required to communicate with Square application through the phone’s audio jack, now the company provides terminal products which can operate functions like- display, print receipts, accepts chip, swipe and even allows contactless payments.

How To Contact The Square Support Team ?

There can be a number of reasons to contact the square support team such as troubleshooting accounts, technical glitches, services related to POS etc.If you are wondering how to connect to square support team, kindly follow any of the below mentioned steps-

1) Call- Phone call assistance is the most prominent way of communicating to the support staff. Conversations over phone helps the customer to better deliver the problem faced on the other hand also helps the support staff to provide guidance for the issue concerned,all you require is your customer code and contact the support team at Square by calling at -”1-855-700-6000”,you can reach the team Monday to Friday between 6 AM to 6 Pm PST.


2) Email- Square doesn’t go the traditional way of email support and provides an email form in which you can type your issue and provide additional information such as email address, this type of support over emails omits the requirement of creating a message through your personal address. Once you submit your form, you will be replied to the email address provided by you. Link for contacting via form is “”

3) Support Page- Square provides an exceptional support page,this page has the potential to solve all your queries related to the company. Here are some of the options that you can find at square support page -

  • Search bar - Through this search bar you can find solutions to questions, search for a particular keyword or even search for any particular topic , all you have to do is type your concerned query and press enter
  • Products- Under this heading you’ll be able to find information on the various products provide by the company
  • Topic- This heading highlights the important topics related to square
  • Trending articles - This sections help you understand various concerns related to the via articles, these articles are easy to understand and comprehensive in nature
  • Get answers for your questions- Through this section you can easily find video tutorials, guides, resources about the various functionality of Square
  • Live help- Clicking on this would provide you different support options to contact the support team which are already mentioned in this post.
  • Seller community- Through this option you can join the seller community which can be a great source for someone to learn the know-hows of running a business over Square.
  • Support assistant- Incase you are still unable to find a proper solution to your problem you can find one by getting in touch with the Square’s Support Assistant.

Link to the support page is -

4) Social Media - The reach and potential of the social media environment are well known, understanding this square has very promising social media handles where you can get in touch with the support team moreover you can be updated with the latest feature or additions to the services provided . Various social media handles are as following-

● Twitter - App
● Facebook- App
● Instagram- App/

Through any of the above mentioned methods one can easily communicate with the support team at Square App and get their query resolved.