How To Connect To Zelle Support Team

Zelle Customer service

Zelle is a digital payments network founded in the year 2016. Zelle is owned by Early Warning Services,LLC, which is a private financial services company owned by a number of banks like- Bank of America, Capital One,JP Morgan Chase, PNC Bank,U.S Bank, Wells Fargo,Truist. Zelle service enables individuals to transfer money electronically from their bank account to another registered user’s bank account via the mobile phone or website of the participating banks as listed above within United States

Reasons To Contact Zelle Support Team ?

Are you facing any issue with your Zelle account ? Want to know more about Zelle? These are some of the reasons to contact Zelle Support Team , below are some more reasons to contact Zelle support Team-

  • What is zelle ?
  • How secure is my Zelle Account?
  • If i have an account in the participating banks, then do i have to create an account on zelle?
  • Does Zelle Report my payments to the IRS?

How to Contact the Zelle Support Team?

Please follow the steps below to contact the Zelle support team.

1) Call - If you wish to speak with the customer support team at Zelle kindly dial” 1 (844) 428-8542”. Call assistance is the quickest and easiest way to contact the support team, for queries that require immediate response this is the best method. The support team at Zelle can be contacted over call throughout the week during 10 am to 10pm (ET). Thanks giving, Christmas and New Year’s day are the only days when the support staff won’t be able to respond your call

2) FAQs Page- Frequently asked question(FAQ) is a page where users can put up the problems they are facing to which the other users would reply and in absence of an appropriate question solving response an member from the support team would provide the solution. The FAQ page can be accessed through this link -

3) Contact Page- Zelle offers an absolute appreciation worthy contact page, this page has a number of categories with which you can easily narrow down your problem and get contact information regarding the query. In Case you're unable to identify the category to which your query belows,kindly select “Other” Option and provide the prompted information and press send . Options you can find on “Contact Page” are as-

  • Enrollment
  • Payment & Request
  • Debit Cards
  • Profile & Security
  • Report a Scam
  • Deactivate Profile
  • Other

Link to Zelle’s contact page is -

4) Social Media- Zelle doesn’t provide a live chat option which it overshadows with its social media accounts through which customers are easily able to get solutions regarding their problem. Social media Handles of Zelle are as following-